Our values are at the heart of what we do

We value integrity and sustainability. These values guide our actions and drive us to create products and solutions that have a positive impact on the world.

Our company has only been able to thrive because we fulfil the needs of everyone. Only if a company creates value for its customers will they remain customers. Only if it creates value for its employees will they remain motivated in the long term. And only if it also creates value for its partners will they remain committed to the business relationship.

Our values

Two dozen good reasons ...

Innovation has been the core of our company for more than 25 years. And to turn an idea into a profitable innovation, we take the approach of clearly focussing our resources on creating customer benefits along the entire value chain. We see digitalisation as a real driver of innovation. Whether in the design and management of our processes, in the optimisation of the customer journey or in the development of new business models - digitalisation offers us all real opportunities.

We have a strong sense of responsibility for the long-term benefits and cost-effectiveness of our software. We are characterised by unrestricted openness and a permanent willingness to learn about trends and the use of new technologies, tools and methods. And we embrace a positive error culture in order to find and implement the optimum solution for our customers.

We listen to everything our customers have to tell us: Decision-makers, customer service staff, sales staff - simply everyone who has anything to do with our software. And we listen to everything our employees tell us: customer service employees, sales employees, marketing experts - simply everyone who has anything to do with our customers.

Digital transformation will play a major role, but not the only decisive one. It is the toolbox with which existing value-adding processes can be optimised and new business models developed. We see the greatest opportunity in using digitalisation to get much closer to the customers of our products - and their end customers. Having more information and time to develop customised solutions.

When different perspectives come together, the exchange is more creative and new solutions are more likely to be discovered. Our employees make decisions autonomously and drive product or service development themselves. Freedom to experiment creates responsibility and motivation. It only takes a short time to determine whether it makes sense to invest further resources in the solution or to pursue a different approach.

If you really want to compete in digital business in the future, then all employees and managers need to experience this. Digital skills are needed internally, not just through external services. The corporate culture must encourage forward-thinking behaviour.

Our motto: Don't draw up the perfect plan, but also experiment outside the box. Conservative product development processes no longer work today. We need courage and the discovery of new possibilities. Our focal point is the people who use the product - not our own ideas. The first step is to understand them and their challenges and needs.

Before extensive resources are channelled into implementation, we let users interact with it - and immediately see whether this approach makes sense. We gather their feedback and use it to develop further: Are elements on the digital interface clearly positioned? Is the next step clear? The result: products and services with clear added value that our customers enjoy using.

Our software fulfils all functional requirements securely and stably. In other words, our software is stable in its function, intuitive and logical in its operation and economical throughout its product life cycle. The best measure of our software quality is the high level of customer satisfaction we have achieved over many years.

With our software, we invest in a mature concept, a clean architecture and agile processes. We consistently rely on agile development processes, as this results in unbeatable advantages for the software, the cooperation within the development team and therefore for the entire project. Our customers benefit from the high savings potential offered by the automation of communication-intensive processes and the improved planning of existing resources. Our customers receive statistics and other functions for in-depth analyses at the touch of a button.

Our high-quality software is created because the mentality of the development team is right and an awareness of high software quality is firmly anchored. Our developers have a deep understanding of all aspects of software quality and a strong sense of responsibility for the long-term benefits and cost-effectiveness of our software. They are convinced that they only want to develop and deliver high-quality software, a kind of "Sikom code".

A special proximity to the customer is the early and comprehensive involvement of the customer as a co-developer in the product development process, whereby we succeed in translating the customer's wishes and suggestions and incorporating them into the development.

Users use our software after a very short familiarisation period and quickly achieve efficient operation thanks to the high usability of the software. Users enjoy using our software thanks to the good user experience. If users have already been confronted with hurdles and problems with "bad" software, they immediately develop a feeling for the fact that there can also be "good" solutions with our software.

Our customers value our responsible advice in order to find and implement an optimal solution. In doing so, we practise unrestricted openness in our mutual communication. One of our strongest consulting competences is our proactive engagement. We deal with our customers' challenges before they have to.

Customers are like family to us. We want them to feel the same way when they contact us. Our support team is highly skilled at problem solving and creative in dealing with challenges. We listen to all customer feedback and use it to continuously improve our support and software.

For us, customer proximity does not just begin with the finished product. Our customers can make their wishes known right from the early stages of product development. After all, our customers alone decide the success or failure of our product on the market with their purchase decision. As a rule, we succeed in identifying customer requirements at an early stage and incorporating the expertise of these future customers into the development process.

A key factor on our way to the top was and is our outstanding service. Our active relationship management results in customer proximity and satisfaction. Customer satisfaction in turn results in customer loyalty and thus leads to solid and lasting relationships. In this context, trust is becoming increasingly important.

If you don't trust, you won't find trust. We trust in our employees, in our customers and, of course, in ourselves and our abilities. If we trust ourselves, then we trust in our ability to deal with future problems.

We are often asked why we don't have any investors. It's not that we haven't received any offers yet. But we have rejected all previous offers and will continue to do so in the future. For good reasons: Without investors, we can decide what is best for our employees and our customers - instead of focussing everything on the fastest possible growth.

We don't think in years, but in generations. In order to grow successfully as a company in the long term, it is not always most important to be quick with changes and innovations. As a family business, we are interested in long-term success. And success can only be achieved by involving all stakeholders, employees and customers.

Flat hierarchies mean short decision-making paths, direct communication and more motivated employees. This results in shorter decision-making paths and more responsibility lies with the individual.

Where goals are common goals, teams are formed that pull together. Identification with our company is higher because all employees see themselves as an important part of the whole. And employees are simply more enthusiastic because the rules of the game are clear and fair and they can take an active role.

The long-term success of our company is ensured by the sustainable generation of income, which at the same time secures skilled jobs in the region. In addition to turnover, the number of employees is also increasing continuously. Steady, healthy growth in turnover allows us to invest extensively in further training and the creation of additional jobs. By promoting long-term, sustainable economic growth and full and productive employment, we are well on course for the future.

When it comes to digitalisation, opportunities and challenges are two sides of the same coin. The current situation acts as a catalyst and accelerator of change and innovation in virtually all areas of life, and in many cases with a positive effect. Openness and willingness to embrace this is probably the greatest individual and collective challenge.

The best reason for us?
The many good reasons!

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